Survival Kits Simplified

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What Makes our Survival Kits Different?


Classic Kits are the only highly compact survival kit that meets all your essential needs.

Need heat, fire, food, light, potable water, communication or orientating? Classic Kits have you covered.

Compact & Lightweight

Kits weight less than one pound & fit everywhere.

Have peace of mind with you always.

Waterproof & Resealable

Suitable for all climates and adventures.

Open, use, close, replace items as needed, repeat.


Having this kit with me on a recent long drive provided so much peace of mind. Thank you!

Steph B.

I love how light and compact it is. I bring it with me hiking and it makes me feel more relaxed knowing it's there.

Alex M.

I have a small apartment, so love that this kit doesn't take up much space.

Sarah K.